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Cat's Eye Natural Gems for Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do you have a brochure and a price list?
    A: No, we do not. Our inventory of one-of-a-kind fine color gemstones changes rapidly. And, like most importers and wholesalers, we do the majority of our business on the telephone. We discuss selection and pricing with our customers, and then send gems out to them for their approval and purchase.

  • Q: Can I see the gemstone before I buy it?
    A: Absolutely. We can send you the gemstone(s) if you have a valid Visa, Mastercard, or Discovery card. Typically, our customers are very pleased with the selection of gems we send and decide to purchase within one to two days. However, if you require more time, arrangements can be made.

  • Q: This is all new to me. How can I do this long distance?
    A: Think of us as a mail order company. Instead of a brochure, we like to spend a few minutes on the phone finding out what your needs are; then we describe several gemstones that would be right for you. Many of our customers like to ask Jay particular questions which pertain to their individual situation.

  • Q: If you don't have a brochure, can you send me pictures?
    A: Photographs just do not capture the essence of a gemstone's beauty, or accurately represent the color. For these reasons, I guess you could say, we do this the old fashioned way. We send you the gem(s) so you can see, touch, and hold the gem before you are asked to purchase. Also, because our customers are buying gemstones for Vedic Astrological reasons we encourage a see it, touch it, love it, approach before you buy it.

  • Q: Can wearing a gemstone prescribed by a Vedic astrologer really effect my life?
    A:Yes! Based on my own experience, the results I have seen in my family and the reports of many hundreds of satisfied customers; a well selected, jyotish quality gemstone, properly prescribed can have a remarkable effect on one's life. See the testimonials section of our website for the experiences of our customers.

  • Q: How much does this cost?
    A:The cost of the gemstone will vary according to the type, size and quality of the gemstone recommended. In some cases, an Uparatna or secondary gemstone can be used with excellent results if one is on a budget.

  • Q: What kind of gemstone should I wear?
    A:Usually the type of gemstone and the size range is recommended by your jyotish astrologer. Our expertise is in the selection, acquisition, and inventorying of "beautiful, sweet, sattvic, jyotish quality gemstones" at very attractive prices. Then we can help you select the right gemstone for you. The science of jyotish astrology and the proper recommendation of gemstones for remedial effects is best done by an in depth analysis of your astrological chart by an expert Jyotish astrologer. While there are some general rules for prescribing gemstones, we feel you are best served by getting an astrological gemstone recommendation by a master Jyotish astrologer. We can provide you with a list of master Jyotish astrologers with whose work we are familiar, upon request.

  • Q: Is the quality important?
    A: Our personal experience and research, plus feedback from hundreds of satisfied customers over the years tells us the quality of the gemstone is very important. Over the past 26 years, Jay, our chief graduate gemologist and overseas buyer, has continually refined his personal buying tastes. Jay is known and respected around the world as one of the very best "intuitive" colored stone buyers. The qualities he considers critical for a "jyotish quality gemstone" are the color, clarity, cutting, and the "life" of the gemstone which Jay describes as the "sweet sattvic" quality of the gem-the essence of the gem. (For a more in depth explanation see what makes a "jyotish quality gemstone".)

  • Q: Can I buy these gemstones in a jewelry store?
    A: The short answer is no. In our experience, the vast majority of jewelry stores do not have Jyotish quality gemstones. We can make this statement because for years we have sold to jewelers throughout North America, and are quite familiar with jewelry markets in many other foreign countries as well. We estimate fewer than two percent of finer jewelry stores have this quality gemstones in stock. It is really a sad commentary on the state of the jewelry market today to say such a thing. But then, many other aspects of the world today are equally out of sync with higher purposes.

  • Q: I understand these gemstones are of a special quality, but am I paying a premium price as well?
    A: No, although these natural gems are quite rare and special, we are able to offer them to you at very competitive prices. In fact, we think for the quality gemstones we sell for this purpose, our prices can not be beaten. Our position as long time, frequent overseas buyer at the source countries, has allowed us to hone our buying skills and develop valuable contacts to make this possible. Also, by buying at the source, then importing, and distributing directly to you, we are able to sell at or near wholesale prices. The reason gems are usually sold for higher prices to the end consumer by jewelers is simply the number of middlemen hands the gems pass through. Gems travel through many hands to the consumer—the importer, the manufacturer, the wholesale jewelry dealer and the retail jeweler; and at each step a mark-up is added.

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